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Options dependent on seasonal availability

I am open to custom order requests. I want to preface with the fact that no two items are exactly alike. All flowers are real and each product is handmade. I can do my best to recreate past work and capture your vision but at the end of the day I have creative freedom on all customs.


I can do my best to incorporate your choice of flower and color but overall it can very much depend on what is currently in my inventory and what is in season.

Pricing: ~$50-70


I will not be taking specific flower type requests but color schemes. You can request flower inspirations : ie 'sunflower-esque' 'forest witch-esque' & I will do my best to make that vision happen. The cups themselves are chosen at my discretion but you may request tall, short, whisky, beer mugs etc.

Pricing: ~$15per


Much like the above options - requests can depend on availability. You may request

-colors of flowers

-gold/silver or no bevel

- dangle/stud

-necklace chain length

-dainty/bold style

-sensitivity needs

-color background of jewelry  popular: white, black, clear

BUT other options are available upon request & availability

Pricing: ~$20-40

For Rings - See separate tab 'Custom Rings'


Jewelry for the Indecisive

you may pick minimal basics & let me decide the rest

- ie) your only preference is flower color. I will choose the best background and jewelry style suited for your choice based on my experience.

All pricing is subjective to order specifics

For customs please email me or reach out through the contact tab on the home page and I will be in touch.

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